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Waldem Container Shelter Box

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Waldem Container Shelter produce vende e noleggia Da 40 anni siamo al servizio dei nostri clienti sia prima che dopo la vendita
 Monoblocchi PrefabbricatiMonoblocchi Prefabricated Container Box Modules  can be used in building and roads constructions  industry, in the working sites, acting as local support to personnel. They can be used in emergency situations too , and as dormitory houses.Container Shelter
 Modules can be coupled  in pairs or in multiple sollutions to obtaing bigger abitable spaces. This is a big advantage for the customer who need fast sollutions at convenient price to accomodate persons or to stuff good and producat  in savety places, in any circumstances and place . For the Renting are available many formula with purchased options  Alwais many Container Modules are available immidiatly , even used, with Toilets and Showers

Renting of Container for storage . Container ISO are the best sollution to have a space where to fill of goods and products .

 Inside Container Box we find our special  shelves  Shelves studied to store documens, or general stuff.

Very interesting our production of Container for vernish, solvents and chemicals . Dangerous Liquids should be kept inside safe and closed spaces, so, our container are the optimal sollutions to stay in safe inside the normative

frame monobloccoGalvanized Sheets Box Container are offered as the most cheap sollution. Very fast to mount and dismount , they can be used to keep car inside..Container Usati Prezzi Offerta

 Special prefabricated prefabricated  (Technical rooms): We manufacture Container ISO Shelter, Noise absorbation insulations  for industry to put inside Generator Sets, Square Box, Machinery, Small plants etch.
Thanking to the year's experience and its own procuction site in Milan , many Prefabricated Container Shelter have been manufactured, under a Quolity control and checking . This is recognized by third orgainzations of quality like Rina, and G2S Certificators, and put the product on the top of its category. Really interestings are the applications of Photovoltaic Panels and Wind Generators on the Containers, in the sight of a soustainability development of Society .

 noleggio monoblocchi prefabbricatiContainer for show and our prefabricated modules Prefabricated Modules for advertising are sturcture for ouside  manufactured with big glass windows can be used for exhibitions, events, show , mobile shop , info point, sport houses, pool dehor, restaurant dehor , bike sharnig depots.

Container Module for Bike Sharing is a new fronteer for green developments. 


 Container Box is a relayable partner and guarantee alwais the best ratio quality price, giving support and advices freeley to whom is looking for  Container and  Box insulated modules.

Are available i Used Container modules  at very low price. Give a look to our used availability in whole Italy, see this Link. We sell accessories and parts , like doors, windows, lowers  etch.   Container Lavorati Mofiicati

For more than twenty years we have been serving our customers, if you are interested read hear our site and get in contact with us , you will not be disappointed. The prices of Prefabricated Box Modules  indicated on the website are not binding and must be confirmed with our offers.

Da 40 anni siamo al servizio dei nostri clienti sia prima che dopo la vendita.   Affidati a noi, non rimarrai deluso. I prezzi indicati sul sito web non sono vincolanti e devono essere confermati.
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Produzione Container Carpenteria Magazzino 6' 8' 10' 15' 20' 30', Vernici - Olii Vasca + griglia
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Vendita Noleggio Tank, offerta usati Riparazioni
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Cperture Auto a Volta in alluminio e policarbonato
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Box Lamiera Zincata da montare senza basamento
Accessori per monoblocchi condizionatori Accessori Monoblocchi Prefabbricati: Pannelli, Porte, Condizionatori ecc Monoblocchi per autostrade ferrovie
Monoblocchi Shelter per strade, apparati,  impianti macchinari
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